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Managing Director

Kristopher Prakash is a transaction strategy and taxation expert who excels at asking the right questions – simplifying the planning around unique business and family situations.

With over a decade of experience in starting, managing, and winding-down businesses, Kris is known for his practical and direct approach. In addition to being in the trenches, Kris has also consulted numerous technology, healthcare and manufacturing businesses as a CFO and Controller.

Kris has significant experience advising in M&A transactions and focuses on representing the owners of privately held companies who are contemplating a sale or transition to the next generation. Kris designs common sense tax mitigation and life insurance plans to optimize total after-tax return to owners in any type of business situation, including litigations and involuntary liquidations.

Prior to his working with the owners of emerging and mid-market companies, Kris was an analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and an associate at Deloitte Tax, LLP. He is a licensed Certified Public Accountant, Real Estate Broker, and Life Agent in California. Kris attended the University of Southern California and earned a B.S. in Accounting and a Master’s in Business Taxation.

Kris’ background in business taxation has anchored his understanding of transaction planning and structuring, while his experience in the corporate world has provided a rich perspective of a wide variety of business situations and issues.